XPilot Multiplayer online space action since 1991

XPilot Classic 4.5.5 released

January 2010, The Crew

This release reflects the changed IP of the meta servers. Download (courtesy to SourceForge)

www.xpilot.org re-vamped

January 2010, The Crew

The XPilot web site has been designed to feature the classical game theme. We consider it to be in Beta state right now, although it is far from being complete. The appearance, structure, and content is of experimental nature. Feedback from the community is welcome.

Robots Cup

January 2010, The Crew

May we draw your attention to the potential Robots Cup on the occasion of the WCCI. Although you have to reveal your technology to the organizers, which has its pros and cons, the event documents an interesting development.

meta.xpilot.org has changed

November 2009, The Crew

We would like to thank the server administrator of meta.xpilot.org for their excellent support over the past fifteen years. There were not in a position to continue the service to the XPilot community.

Unfortunately the IP address of meta.xpilot.org is hard coded into the sources of XPilot. It appears that all development lines of XPilot are affected. When the feature of a meta server was added to XPilot, there was no easy asynchronous DNS. Now there exist such libraries and volunteers to fix the problem are most welcome.

XPilot iPhone App released

July 2009, The Crew

With the touch screen input and always-on data connection, the iPhone is a perfect platform for XPilot in the opinion of 7b5labs. Their XPilot for the iPhone uses touch control to steer and control thrust. The main blaster is activated by a button in the corner of the screen. A must see!

Unlike the fake announcement for XPilot on WAP capable mobile phones, this announcement is serious. Once again it shows the visionary nature of the community.

XPilot for DSi, Wii, Xbox, PS4

Anytime, The Crew

It can be just a matter of time until the success of the XPilot App and the incredible popularity of XPilot will lead to a wave of releases of XPilot for common game consoles. Volunteers? Hey, it can't be that difficult, just stop playing for a week and get your hands on one of these honorable projects.